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A spaniel’s day

The vicissitudes of life

  A week of ups and downs; of Freddie Frankfurter and ‘Doris’ Day. Kemo Sabe laid low with illness; the weather swinging wildly between winter and summer, throwing everything at the country on one mad day; an enchanting encounter with … Continue reading

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Crufts around the corner

Sometimes the frustrations of life in a family can be overwhelming, the delicate balance lost between the demands of dogs and the requirements of our owners. Kemo Sabe certainly has a lot to put up with! It’s easy to get … Continue reading

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Ordinary times

If Candlemas be fair and bright, Winter has another flight. If Candlemas brings clouds and rain, Winter will not come again. It’s a funny time of year; neither here nor there, if you like. Recent early morning temperatures have been … Continue reading

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Let there be light

Mid-winter is here, the days are depressingly brief and daylight itself is definitely rationed. Though it’s exciting, checking out the daily change in temperature and wind speed before we begin our trundle, some days it looks as though the sun … Continue reading

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Away with the fairies

‘Has Newman had his pill?’ This question, asked morning and evening, is one to which Uncle NuNu himself now greatly looks forward (if he hasn’t yet shouldered his way into position before it’s even asked) when he hears the words, … Continue reading

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Babies by the bin

In addition to the daily excitement provided by our family of house martins, busily getting on nicely under the front eaves of our house, we are now focused on the activity in and out of Christopher Wren’s old nest box, … Continue reading

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‘Springwatch’? We’ve got everything right here!

We hear that BBC’s Springwatch is going to be filming on the Farne Islands again for the new series of this extraordinary live programme, shortly to be nightly on our screens. Whether it’s the puffins, gannets or guillemots – of … Continue reading

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Too clever by half

Some scientific half-wit, we hear, has come to the conclusion that hugging dogs makes them feel threatened.¬† I shall simply pause now to allow those of you who did not hear this latest research when it was reported on the … Continue reading

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Notes from the underground

Since we all returned from Crufts we’ve been under the weather and no mistake. Speaking for my own medical case, I know this is not a good look, but at least I’ve been spared what Barnaby calls ‘the cone of … Continue reading

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How hard to speak of it . . .

Funny isn’t it, that when we are very young it’s gigantic beasts¬† – the tyrannosaurs – that fascinate us? As we grow up, though, we begin to notice and appreciate the tiny ones – the worms, the shrimps, the bees … Continue reading

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