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The dews of comfort

tIt has taken a very long time – and it’s been a tedious and painful haul, for everyone involved – but I am now almost completely over my horrible abscess. Lancing the enormous thing left a gaping hole at least … Continue reading

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Let there be light

Mid-winter is here, the days are depressingly brief and daylight itself is definitely rationed. Though it’s exciting, checking out the daily change in temperature and wind speed before we begin our trundle, some days it looks as though the sun … Continue reading

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More precious for their rarity

Today we celebrate the tiny yellow flowers which have sprung up here and there upon the heathland where we walk come afternoon.  To some, ordinary and unremarkable because so commonplace in our literature; to others, precious because so rarely seen.  … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis or Spring is in the air

Things are looking up! After a couple of weeks of really ghastly wet and windy weather, everything has settled down wonderfully and, for the last ten days or so, up here in the north east we have seen calm and … Continue reading

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Waiting for the whales

Today we came across yet another young grey seal corpse, rolling in the surf of high tide. This one was upside down (and, it turned out, headless), so clearly dead already, which is a kind of relief in a way; … Continue reading

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Flowers in the bud that will never bloom

One of the things we love about this part of Northumberland is sensing the nearness of history, ancient footsteps beneath our own. Every day as we trundle along the beach, the imprint of the past provides our pathway. Saints Oswald, … Continue reading

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Go find it, faeries

The lighter mornings are upon us and today the sun came bursting up into our lives. On the early news we heard with warm hearts that in the south the flood levels are dropping a bit. As a boy who … Continue reading

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