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The vicissitudes of life

  A week of ups and downs; of Freddie Frankfurter and ‘Doris’ Day. Kemo Sabe laid low with illness; the weather swinging wildly between winter and summer, throwing everything at the country on one mad day; an enchanting encounter with … Continue reading

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Crufts around the corner

Sometimes the frustrations of life in a family can be overwhelming, the delicate balance lost between the demands of dogs and the requirements of our owners. Kemo Sabe certainly has a lot to put up with! It’s easy to get … Continue reading

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A new year and a new boy in town

The sea is the land’s edge also, the granite Into which it reaches, the beaches where it tosses Its hints of earlier and other creation: The starfish, the horseshoe crab, the whale’s backbone; The pools where it offers to our … Continue reading

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Pupkin passes

Rest in Peace, tiny Pupkin, who died last night after an emergency admission to the vet’s. He was inordinately loved and, as you can see from this picture, taken only yesterday afternoon on his last visit to us, a miniature … Continue reading

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Little gems

This week Nicholas and his sister, Tiggy, celebrated their second birthday. Joy was unconfined, gifts were opened and then furry dollies of various kinds were exchanged and energetically ratted, with Pupkin and the rest of us trying to get a … Continue reading

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Bird in the hand

Today, with another magnificent sunrise, all are gone; well, apart from one or two very late migrators, that is. As the light gradually emerged, it was the sparrows and ducks we heard overhead  – not the sandmartins: their nesting wall … Continue reading

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Dear Miss Tiggywinkle

Of all the many and varied doings of 2015 –  some carefully planned, some utterly  serendipitous – one stands out above and beyond all others: the chance reunion of Nicholas Nickleby and his little sister, Miss Tiggywinkle. What can the … Continue reading

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At the turning of the year

At five o’clock yesterday afternoon the sun started to move closer to us again and, from today on, there will be a little more light for us to enjoy at either end of the day. Although it will be a … Continue reading

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Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Nicholas – seen here in his fabulous bat-suit –  is ready for Hallowe’en, the first he has enjoyed with all of us, bearing in mind that he didn’t come to live here until the end of last November, when he … Continue reading

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Still tiny after just one year

Today we all enjoyed a sausage tea in celebration of Nicholas the Dachshund’s first birthday. It is hard to believe that someone so small was once so much smaller, smaller than any of us boys could even have imagined. His … Continue reading

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