Dolphins, dolphins everywhere

(c) Andrew Douglas
(c) Andrew Douglas

A friend who lives on the other side of the world came last week for a brief stay on our beautiful Northumberland coast.  As if to celebrate, the sun shone contentedly and such wind as there was felt cosy and warm. Though she was initially a bit hesitant about setting out to sea, we convinced her that a boat trip to the islands was a must if she wanted to appreciate what makes this place so special. The Great Spirit rewarded her courage by sending a substantial school of bottlenose dolphins to entertain and accompany us as we sailed along the coast in front of Bamburgh Castle: excitement alert! For forty minutes or more we all hung over the side keen as mustard to watch all their antics as the great grey-green athletes chased and contorted themselves under and about and across the bow of Andrew’s catamaran. He is the most committed marine nature-watcher we know, determined to give those who sail with him every opportunity to see as much of the wonders in the waters as he can locate. Our guest felt very honoured to have witnessed such a dynamic display. Another day she might have seen the minke whales, or more. Looking at the North Sea, as we do every morning, whether it’s calm and tentacular as it was today, or thrillingly angry, as it was a few days ago, never becomes routine, no matter how much practice we get.

For an award-winning insight into the daily wonders of the waters off the north Northumberland coast, to be seen from his ‘office window’, check out Andrew’s blog, here:

3 thoughts on “Dolphins, dolphins everywhere

  1. It must have been lovely to watch the dolphins for so long.
    The beaches in Northumberland are lovely for walking and playing.

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