IMG_3021The free dogs of the world, loved and protected by their human families, are uniting and tweeting pictures of themselves posed beside something yellow in the #YellowAgainstYulin Twitter campaign. Our little family group – two golden retrievers, me, the cocker spaniel and Nicholas the dachshund – cannot actually bear to think about what the poor creatures in Yulin, China, actually go through, though it has been reported widely.

If this controversy is news to you, you could read more here:




Please use your voice against the cruelty involved in this event which someone apparently felt would make an attractive tourist draw. Some things make me so angry, so unhappy, that words fail me. But a lovely picture of your beloved dog, with a blaze of whatever kind of yellow, with the hashtags #YellowAgainstYulin and #fortheLOVEofDOGS will publicise our canine voice of opposition on Twitter.

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