While the cat’s away . . .

CFT72W-WYAAK-GhI am pleased to be able to report a gradual but definite improvement in our dear Jeoffry. Despite having very few teeth left, and now a major impediment to use of his tongue thanks to the surgery required by his horrid abscess, he seems much more his old (old) self, with more of a spring in his step and more of an appetite overall.  His mouth must feel much less sore now, a week after his operation, for he is eating much more overnight (his preferred time for food consumption as NuNu and I well know; he disturbs our dreams with his chinkling as he jumps to the floor after digging in). Also, Jeoffry is now receiving daily infusions of a liquid nutrient called Oralade, which is like a chicken broth, delivered from the small syringe which comes in Barnaby’s arthritis medicine. This does require the services of both Eats No Vegetables and Kemo Sabe, cats being the uncooperative creatures they are, but wrapped in a towel from which there’s no escape at either end, he seems to settle into something like enjoyment of the nutritious broth.

Actually, the syringe we’re using for Jeoffry comes from my bottle of Loxicom, which the vet prescribed for me, after my recent acute orthopedic incident. All in all, the homestead has been a veritable hive of veterinary comings and goings, not to mention expense, about which of course we creatures know nothing. All we know is that no matter what the time or day, a wealth of kindly and well equipped professional men and women are ready and waiting to help us; we are so lucky.

On Monday I awoke with a terrific pain in my right leg, so acute that I could put no weight on it. Since then, no morning trundles along the beach, and on the first day no outings at all. Ghastly! Whether or not I have an elbow problem is to be assessed by a specialist but the X-ray doesn’t appear to show anything. The only thing that matters to me is that after a big pain-killing injection and a couple of hours’ treatment, I could happily walk again. I call it the laying on of hands! I am hopeful of a return to normal activity. The day I was in such pain I missed a wonderful meet-up with our two golden retrievers friends, Ben and Finn, who took the lovely picture up above. Let’s hope I can see them before they drive the long way home!

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